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The Oasis Pantry Loaf - Community Donation

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A community project in partnership with our friends and neighbours at Oasis Hub, Fountain Buildings, The Paragon, BA15DU.

Jo and her team operate a community food pantry supplying low cost & high quality food to local individuals and families on low incomes. We have offered to bake a sourdough loaf that is true to our values, made with traditionally stoneground & Somerset grown wheat flour, water & salt. This is a tinned loaf from a minimum of 50% wholemeal for flavour, nutrition and digestibility while still being light and soft.

Simply add this loaf to your basket and we'll donate it to the Oasis Pantry the Thursday after your order is placed. If this project is successful we will look to extend it further into our community.

Learn more about the work Oasis does here: